Muk Yan Jong, Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Workshop, which is dedicated to offer high quality Wooden dummies.

I have the advantage of being able to pay special attention to every client, as I have my own workshops in Serbia, Sremska Mitrovica.

Nenad WSL plans


I create traditional Wing Chun wooden dummies in size and dimensions of the practitioner.
Olso, I create frames(stand) for dummies from wood with practitioner desired form or usual form.

My Wing Chun wooden dummies are handcrafted made from Fir, Beech, Pine, Ash or Oak tree.
These wood types are especially strong.

The body I make from boards which I join with glue and screw,s and turn into lath which is best choice. Or, if customer wish the body from one part wood or “Marble” old type of rare wood!

Nenad Workshop Circular saw works

Glued boards for body BASE wooden dummy in progress

In that case the logs are dried before use in order to reduce potential cracking.The body and arms are turned on a lathe. Once completed, the entire wooden dummy is hand sanded and finished with natural tung oil. It gives the wood a naturally beautiful, protective finish.
I can modify the dimensions and wood color, as I say, to suit your preferences.

dummies4 Dragon Workshop1 dummies

My specialty are the Wooden Dummies for Wong Shun Leung Philipp Bayer Ving Tsun, which I create by exact dimensions from WSL and Koo Sang  scheme.
Koo Sang is the man, student of Ip Man, who made most of dummies in that time.

These Wooden Dummies have the best usability and behavior for HARD training because of their dimensions.

 WORKS... Finished bodies (trunks)Classic1 body arms leg and frame parts

Any type of WOODEN DUMMY (Body, Hands x3, Leg)

Any type of FRAME (Stand) for Dummy whether it is Classic, Tripod or Fixed on the wall

Complete Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong) with Frame (Stand) 

Oak wood type or Ash and Red Oak wood type, which are more expensive.

Wall Dummy, ROUND BODY or FLAT BOARD with Frame




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