¬†This “Economy round body Wooden Dummy”
model is perfect for the person on a limited
budget orfor training in limited spaces like Apartments, Condo’s, Dorm Rooms, etc.
Unlike traditional Mook Yan Jongs that
require a lot of space, this Round Body model
can be placed almost anywhere and only
requires four screws to mount it.
If you’ve been looking for a way to practice your shapes and hand/arm positions
but don’t want to buy a normal sized
Wing Chun Wooden Dummy then this model
may be the perfect solution for you.
The arms are angled and spaced just like the
ones on our full sized Mook Yan Jongs.
The body is 18 to 20 cm wide, 8 to 10 cm deep, about 70 cm long.
Installation is very simple. Just fasten it down
with 4 screws and you’re ready to start training.

WALL DUMMY FRONT Walldummy front Walldummz side  Wall dummies

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